Electoral Malpractice in East and Southeast Asia Mini Conference, APSA, San Francisco, 2 Sep 2017



Electoral Malpractice in East and Southeast Asia Conference

Venue: California West, Westin Hotel

Organized by


           Dr. Netina Tan, McMaster University and Dr. Kharis Templeman, Stanford University

8:00am-9:30am          Panel 1: Comparative Perspectives and Methodological Issues

  1. Welcome (Netina Tan, McMaster University and Kharis Templeman, Stanford University)
  2. Keynote: “Electoral Integrity and Democratic Practices in Asia” (Larry Diamond, Stanford University)
  3. “Methodological Challenges in the study of Electoral Malpractice” (Carolien Van Ham, University of New South Wales)
Chair: Allen Hicken (University of Michigan)
Discussant: Allen Hicken (University of Michigan) 

9:30am-11:00am      Panel 2: Types of Electoral Malpractice

  1. “Drivers of Pre-Electoral Manipulations in the 2013 Cambodian Election” (Max Groemping, University of Sydney)
  2. “Pre-Electoral Malpractice in Single-Party Dominant Malaysia” (Kai Ostwald, University of British Columbia)
  3. Electoral Malpractice in Myanmar: A Comparison of the 2010 and 2015 Elections (Marco Bünte, Monash University, Malaysia)
  4. “The Use and Abuse of Electoral Rules to Manipulate Election Outcomes in Thailand” (Joel Selway, Brigham Young University)
Chair: Larry Diamond (Stanford University) Discussant: Jorgen Elklit (Aarhus University)


11:00-11:15pm           Coffee Break 

11:15pm-12:45pm      Panel 3: Effects of Electoral Malpractice 

  1. “Gerrymandering and Ethnic Minority Representation in Singapore” (Netina Tan, McMaster University)
  2. “Voting for the Incumbent in Single Party Regimes: Fear or Conviction?” (Guillem Riambau, Yale-NUS and Kai Ostwald, University of British Columbia)
  3. “Voting in the Dark: How Vietnamese Voters Negotiate Low Information Elections” (Paul Schuler, University of Arizona)
  4. “Silent Manipulation: Effects of Polling Place Distance on Voting Behavior in Hong Kong’s Electoral Autocracy” (Stan Hok-Wui Wong and and Kelvin Chan, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Chair: Kenneth McElwain (University of Tokyo) Discussant: Meredith Weiss (University at Albany, Suny)



12:45pm-2:00pm    Lunch 

2:00pm-3:30pm          Panel 4: Sources of Electoral Integrity   

  1. “Sources of Electoral Integrity: Reforming the Central Election Commission in Taiwan” (Kharis Templeman, Stanford University)
  2. “Violations of Electoral Integrity in the Myanmar 2015 Election” (Elin Bjarnegard, Uppsala University)
  3. “Free and/or Fair? How Japanese Courts Rule on Election Campaign Regulations” (Kenneth Mori McElwain, Tokyo University and Tomoshi Yoshikawa, Keio University)
  4. “Restricting free speech in the name of fairness: Campaign regulation in South Korea” (You Jong-Sung, Australian National University)
Chair:  Jorgen Elklit (Aarhus University) Discussant: Allen Hicken (University of Michigan) 


3:30-3:45pm              Coffee Break 

3:45-5:00pm               Panel 5: Challenges of Electoral Reforms

  1. “Electoral Malpractice in Mongolia” (Michael Seeberg, University of Southern Denmark)
  2. “The Menu of Manipulation: Reform and Malpractice in Contemporary Indonesian Elections” (Sarah Shair Rosenfield, Arizona State University)
  3. “The Decline of the Effectiveness of Vote-Buying as Electoral Mobilization Strategy in Taiwan” (Wang Chin-Shou, National Cheng Kung University and Yu-Hsien Sung, University of South Carolina)
  4. “Using Election Forensics to Detect Fraud and Strategic Behavior in the Philippines” (Allen Hicken, University of Michigan)
Chair: Guillem Riambau (Yale-NUS) Discussant: Carolien Van Ham (University of New South Wales)


5:00pm-5:30pm          Panel 6: Roundtable  Discussion

  1. Comparative Regional Implications, Publications and Steps Forward (Netina Tan, McMaster University and Kharis Templeman, Stanford University


6:00 pm          Dinner