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This page contains information on the courses I teach, students evaluations and samples of class syllabi.

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Digital authoritarianism – the use of digital technology by a state to surveil, repress and manipulate domestic and foreign populations – is on the rise around the world. In this course, we examine why digital authoritarianism gains global momentum, how both democratic and autocratic governments use digital tools to manipulate public opinion, and what impact the “big data”, technological tools and platforms have on democracy. Drawing from global and comparative politics literature, we begin the course by surveying the causes of global democratic regression and examine how digital dictators in China and Russia project “sharp power” by interfering in elections, hacking and spreading disinformation in established democracies. We then examine the emerging digital threats to cybersecurity, digital censorships and the use of bots, troll factories, memes to spread disinformation, mistrust and hate. We conclude the course by comparing the efficacy of digital activism and the approaches taken by the governments, digital platforms and citizens to regulate the cyber-chaos.

Graduate Supervision

I am happy to supervise students interested in democratization, authoritarianism, electoral and party politics, digital democracy, representation of women and minorities.

Graduate Seminars (McMaster)

Undergraduate Courses (McMaster)

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Reading Group (College of Alice and Peter Tan, NUS)

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  • Gender and Politics

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Teaching Evaluations (McMaster University)

Year TermCourseResponse Rate Student
2020FallPoli Sci 4KC360%8.8
Poli Sci 3LC357%8.1
2019FallPoli Sci 3LC332%9.07
Poli Sci 74043%9.0
2018WinterPoli Sci 4KC365%9.27
Poli Sci 74050%9.66
2017FallPoli Sci 3LC365%9.41
Poli Sci 71667%7.0
2017WinterPoli Sci 3LC379%9.68
Poli Sci 71682%9.6
2016  FallPoli Sci 4KC385%9.35
Poli Sci 74080%8.5
2016  WinterPoli Sci 4KC385%9.67
Poli Sci 3H0381%8.92
2015  FallPoli Sci 3LC381%9.12
Poli Sci 74057%9.5
2015  WinterPoli Sci 3H0390%9.21
Poli Sci 4KC385%9.27
2014  FallPoli Sci 74090%8.9
Poli Sci 3LC360%9.52
2014  WinterPoli Sci 740100%9.63
Poli Sci 3LC361%9.24
2013  FallPoli Sci 3H0370%8.43
Poli Sci 4KC394%7.4
2013  WinterPoli Sci 740100%6.71

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