This page contains information on the courses I teach, students evaluations and samples of class syllabi.

Graduate Supervision

I am happy to supervise students interested in democratization, authoritarianism, electoral and party politics, digital democracy, representation of women and minorities.

Current Graduate Supervision

StudentTypeStart DateThesis Project
Cassandra PreeceDoctoral Student Sept 2019-“Rights and Recognition: Paths to Ethnic Peace and Representation in East and Southeast Asia”
Helen BenyDoctoral StudentSept 2018-“Ethnic Conflicts in Ethiopia”
Garima Sarkar  Doctoral StudentSept 2018-“Dynasties and Wealth: Women’s Access to Political Power in India”

Graduate Seminars (McMaster)

  • Poli Sci 740: Theories of Comparative Politics
  • Poli Sci 716: Comparative Authoritarianism
  • Poli Sci 765: Gender and Politics of Representation (Reading Course)
  • Poli Sci 765: Digital Threats to Democracy (co-taught with Dr. Tony Porter)

Undergraduate Courses (McMaster)

  • Poli Sci 3LC3: Southeast Asian Politics
  • Poli Sci 4KC3: Comparative Democratization
  • Poli Sci 3H03: Honours Issues in Comparative Politics (Digital Authoritarianism)
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Reading Group (College of Alice and Peter Tan, NUS)

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Request for Reference Letters

If you need reference letters from me, follow the guidelines.

Teaching Evaluations (McMaster University)

Year TermCourseResponse Rate Student
2021WinterPoli Sci 740
Poli Sci 3H0320%8.5
2020FallPoli Sci 4KC360%8.8
Poli Sci 3LC357%8.1
2019FallPoli Sci 3LC332%9.07
Poli Sci 74043%9.0
2018WinterPoli Sci 4KC365%9.27
Poli Sci 74050%9.66
2017FallPoli Sci 3LC365%9.41
Poli Sci 71667%7.0
2017WinterPoli Sci 3LC379%9.68
Poli Sci 71682%9.6
2016  FallPoli Sci 4KC385%9.35
Poli Sci 74080%8.5
2016  WinterPoli Sci 4KC385%9.67
Poli Sci 3H0381%8.92
2015  FallPoli Sci 3LC381%9.12
Poli Sci 74057%9.5
2015  WinterPoli Sci 3H0390%9.21
Poli Sci 4KC385%9.27
2014  FallPoli Sci 74090%8.9
Poli Sci 3LC360%9.52
2014  WinterPoli Sci 740100%9.63
Poli Sci 3LC361%9.24
2013  FallPoli Sci 3H0370%8.43
Poli Sci 4KC394%7.4
2013  WinterPoli Sci 740100%6.71

For informal ratings of my teaching, see “Rate My Professors.”