Beyond Numbers: Comparing Mechanisms for Substantive Representation of Ethnic Minorities and Indigenous Peoples Conference, 5-8 December 2018

Co-organized by

Karen Bird and Netina Tan



This upcoming three-day workshop, held at McMaster University, will bring together Canadian and international political scientists to examine how ethnic quotas, reserved seats, and alternative approaches vary globally, with particular interest on their substantive impact.

Conference Highlights:

  • Distinguished scholars with knowledge of the issues in countries such as Lebanon, India, South Africa, Croatia, Serbia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, the US and Canada
  • Training opportunities for interested scholars and graduate students in this area of research
  • Collaborative output from the workshop will be organized into a special issue or book publication

Key Themes:

  • Global variations in formal and informal mechanisms of ethnic inclusion, outcomes for targeted groups, and implications on democracy
  • Comparison of recent (e.g. Singapore, Bolivia, Croatia, Burundi, Iraq) and longstanding (e.g. New Zealand, India) institutional mechanisms for ethnic representation

For more information, visit the conference website here.