I am a University Scholar and Associate Professor of Political Science in McMaster University, Canada. My work focuses on authoritarian resilience and the political representation of women and ethnic minorities. I am interested in the socio-political developments in East and Southeast Asia, especially given my early education and work experience in Singapore. I am pursuing several interrelated research projects. The first is the completion of my book manuscript on Hegemonic Party Survival in Singapore and Taiwan, and the second concerns the effects of electoral manipulations and social media on authoritarian regimes. Additionally, I am also working on the impact of digital technology on democracy. You will find more information about my research, teaching and other collaborations on this website.

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Online Workshop: Democratic Backsliding in Southeast Asia? 

Globally, democracy is said to be backsliding. What about in Southeast Asia? Can this concept capture political developments currently happening in the region?

What are the characteristics, causes, and consequences of backsliding, if any, in various countries located in the region?

This two-day workshop is co-organized by Drs. Yuko Kasuya (Keio University) and Netina Tan (McMaster University) as a part of the V-Dem East Asia Regional Center’s activities and funded by the Suntory Foundation.

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The Department of Political Science at McMaster University stands in solidarity with Black communities at home and around the world in condemning all forms of racial injustice and acknowledging in particular the suffering that Black people everywhere continue to endure as a result of systemic anti-Black racism. As political scientists, we study how power functions…