• 2016-7: Country Co-ordinator for “Varieties of Democracy Index”. Varieties of Democracy Institute. Identified 45 expert coders and evaluated the indicators of democracy on elections, executives and legislature in Singapore from 1900-2016.
  • 2015-6: Country Expert for “Global Perceptions of Electoral Integrity Index”, Electoral Integrity Project. Identified 10 country experts in Southeast Asia and evaluated Singapore’s 2015 parliamentary elections as part of the open-source, perceptions of electoral intergrity survey dataset.
  • 2015-6: Country Expert for “Bertelsmann Transformation Index BTI 2016”, Bertelsmann Stiftung Foundation. Reviewed reports on democracy and market economy in Singapore from 2013-5 as part of the project’s online database on the global ranking of democracy in 128 countries.


  • 2016-7: Internal Reviewer, Internal Reviewing Committee for the Institute of Globalization and Human Condition
  • 2016-7: Advisory Committee Member, Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship
  • 2016-7: Advisory Faculty, Student Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WW II in Asia in McMaster (MacAlpha)
  • 2014-7: Advisory Board Member, Institute of Globalization and Human Condition
  • 2015-7: Member, Asian Research Working Group
  • 2013-4: Chair and Founder, Asian Research Working Group


  • 2014-5:  Representative, Multimedia Computing and Electronic Communication


  • 2015-7: TA Coordinator and Member, Graduate Committee
  • 2014-7: Member, Department Online Presence Committee
  • 2013-7: Member, Comparative Politics Core Group
  • 2013-4: Member, Research-in-Progress Speaker Series